Class Action Announces Interim Executive Director

Outgoing Executive Director Anne Phillips and incoming interim Executive Director Rachel Rybaczuk

We are thrilled to announce Rachel Rybaczuk as the interim Executive Director of Class Action as she brings decades of experience working to uproot classism. Rachel has spent much of her life deeply involved in economic justice organizing and has been a longtime community organizer in Western Massachusetts fighting for affordable housing, supporting undocumented workers, engaging community members about social justice issues, and fundraising for a grassroots organization stopping foreclosures.

Prior to the founding of Class Action, Rachel and co-founder Felice Yeskel co-facilitated a support group for first-gen college students, the precursor to today’s First Generation College Student program and the successful annual Summit. Rachel continued to work with Class Action on research projects, program development and served as a Program Coordinator before becoming a Senior Trainer.

In addition to her work as an anti-classism facilitator and consultant, Rachel juggles multiple part-time jobs, from admin work to housecleaning, as she slowly works toward a PhD in the Department of Sociology at UMass-Amherst. Her research and teaching interests include class, race, gender, and sexuality; food, farming, and labor; visual research; and social movements. Rachel has taught over two dozen courses on these topics — all with a social justice lens — at Brandeis University, Boston University, Hampshire College, the Smith College School for Social Work, and UMass-Amherst.

Rachel’s lifelong commitment to this work is rooted in her upbringing as a first-generation American whose experience growing up poor in racially diverse neighborhoods was put in stark contrast to her first-gen college experience at a predominantly white liberal arts college where she realized race and class are some of the guiding forces of inequality. Her continued working class hustle inspires her vision for economic and racial justice for all people.

We are truly fortunate to have Rachel on board! Please join us in welcoming her by making a gift in honor of her new role.