Taking Action

Class Action…What Can I Do?

Welcome to our Action Section, with Class Action’s ideas for how you can take action to uproot classism and address the institutional roots of class inequality. This is a work in progresscertain sections are currently under construction. But we wanted to share what we have so far. We very much welcome your suggestions for actions and campaigns.   Each month, we will feature a different action campaign.


What can I personally do about classism?
Like many oppressions, the more we learn, the more we find we have to learn.   The first step is developing more awareness. But ultimately we need to change behaviors and the institutions and rules that hold class oppression in place.   We think of action falling into several overlapping areas:

  1. Self-Awareness and Class Consciousness Raising
  2. Individual Action and Choices
  3. Challenging and Changing Classism in Organizations
  4. Public and Political Action to Change Classist Policies and Practices