About Us

A national nonprofit founded in 2004, Class Action inspires action to end classism.

Class Action provides a dynamic framework and analysis, as well as a safe space, for people of all backgrounds to identify and address issues of class and classism. We do this through powerful interactive trainings, workshops, presentations, organizational consulting, and public education.

Class Action is shattering the silence that surrounds class in our society and is changing how we think and talk about class.
– Dr. Heather Bullock, Chair Committee on Socioeconomic Status, American Psychological Association

In 10 years, more than 17,000 people and hundreds of organizations in 25 states, have been moved to awareness and action by Class Action.

Class Action’s Vision

A world without classism:

•Meets everyone’s basic needs;

•Treats people from every background, race, class status and rank with dignity and respect;

•Supports the development of all people to their full potential;

•Reduces the vast differences in income, wealth and access to resources

•Ensures everyone has a voice in the decisions that affect them.