Bay Area Workshops

Currently there are no Bay Area workshops scheduled.


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Our tailored workshops explore these things and more:

  • our own class identities
  • assumptions we have about class, wealth and income distribution
  • class and power
  • understanding the complexities of class
  • building alliances across class

Past workshops

Exploring Class for Nonprofit Employees

Friday June 14th, 6:00 -9:00PM

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services – Oakland

Classism impacts the work we do for the communities we serve. What is the class culture in your organization and how does it impact the work you do? How do assumptions about the people you serve reflect mainstream class values? As nonprofit employees how do we build alliances for justice with those we serve? Join Class Action for a discussion about classism at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services 500 12th Street, Suite 320, Oakland, CA 94607. $30-0 sliding scale. Use the link below to register.

Facilitators: Jenny Ladd, Nell Myhand & Davey Shlasko


Exploring Class for Social Change Activists

Saturday, June 15th, 1:00 – 4:00PM

The Holdout – Oakland

Holdout for Internet 2

We are living with the most extreme wealth disparity since the great depression. Systems of privilege and inequality cause the wealth gap to grow even more extreme, and come between us when we try to get together to make change. How do our own class backgrounds affect our work for social change? How can we build stronger alliances for justice? Join Class Action for an opportunity to explore our own class journeys, their intersections with race and gender, and their implications for our activism. Saturday, June 15, 1-4pm at the Holdout 2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. $30-0 sliding scale. Use the link below to register.

Facilitators: Jenny Ladd, Nell Myhand & Davey Shlasko



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