Class Action Celebrates 10 Years

Time flies when you’re inspiring action to end classism!

Class Action is very excited that after 10 years, we are continuing to bring the critical conversations around class and classism forward in the public discourse and continuing to expand the discourse.

To commemorate our 10 years of bridging the class divide, we will be having two Birthday Celebrations, one in our founding home base in Western Mass and another in our current home base of Boston. We invite old friends and new to join us at one or both parties.

  • Boston – Thursday, May 1st
    1st Church of Jamaica Plain | 6 Eliot Street

  • Amherst – Saturday May 10th
    Woodbury Room of the Jones Library | 43 Amity Street
    5:30 – 7:30pm


Thank you to our growing list of 10th Birthday Sponsors!

Please click here to become a birthday sponsor by making a gift of any size in honor of Class Action’s 10th Birthday.

  • Sponsors of $50 or more will get a free signed copy of Missing Class
  • Sponsors of $250 or more will get a dinner with Betsy Leondar-Wright* 

Missing Class

MissingClassCover2We are also excited to celebrate the release of Betsy Leondar-Wright’s new book Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movements by Seeing Class Cultures at our gatherings. Guests will have a chance to explore the content of the book in many ways – on the walls, in interactive activities,and a short presentation.


“It’s appropriate that Missing Class coincides with Class Action’s 10th Birthday. Over the last decade, Class Action has taught us all so much about how class underlies so many aspects of our lives. By applying these findings to social movements, Betsy’s book has the potential to catalyze the cooperation that is so critical to winning gains for social justice.”
-Chuck Collins, Program Director for IPS Program on Inequality