Class Action is hiring! Please help us spread the word

Class Action is seeking our new Executive Director

Start date: Early fall, 2020

Reports to: Board of Directors

Hours: Full time job (35  hours a week)

Compensation: $70,000 salary; full health insurance; 3 weeks vacation to start; sick leave and family medical leave (if needed) up to 12 days a year


  • 5+ years of small nonprofit management positions (or equivalent)
  • Proven track record of fundraising for 501(c)3 organizations
  • Ability to pull together and inspire volunteers and staff to collaborative efforts
  • Progressive communications experience (such as social media campaigns, writing for websites, newsletter editing, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of organizational, societal, cultural and interpersonal classism; anti-racism and race/class/gender intersections; popular education; and nonprofit organizational development
  • Agreement with and track record of action in accordance with Class Action’s Vision and Core Frameworks (see below)

Preferred but not essential qualifications:

  • Track record of thought leadership and public communications (writing, speaking, teaching, &/or training) on classism, class and economic inequality, race/class intersections, identity development and intersectional oppression and liberation and/or movement building strategy
  • Experience planning and facilitating popular education workshops

Location of work is mostly flexible, but ED must be able to work in Boston MA office one or more days a week (when pandemic restrictions allow) to work with office manager and other staff and interns; and must be able to travel for occasional events, workshops, donor meetings, etc. (once travel is safe).

To apply: Please upload one document containing a cover letter, resume and a persuasive writing sample on any progressive topic (any format, formal or informal) to this Google form. (This will require a Google account.) No calls or emails, please. Deadline September 11.


Essential Functions:

  1. Popular Education Workshops
  2. Financial Oversight
  3. Fundraising
  4. Supervision and Program Oversight
  5. Communications
  6. Board

Popular Education Workshops and Webinars:

  1. Supervise programming: content and presenters
  2. Work with potential clients to inform them of Class Action’s services and our benefits for their group or organization; match trainers to gigs and negotiate fees
  3. Update gig tracking workflow document throughout negotiation process, coordinating with Office Manager to draw up contracts.
  4. Supervise Training Gatherings, Professional Development and Curriculum Development

Financial Oversight:

  1. Create a budget based on planning for the year, in coordination with the board
  2. Monitor the budget to actuals in coordination with the board; cash flow planning; supervise  creation of quarterly financial reports.
  3. Ensure all tax work is complete
  4. Supervise Office Manager’s work on Quickbooks, EveryAction Database, supplementary Excel sheets, Eastern Bank
  5. Sign checks as needed


  1. Supervise up-to-date donor database with Office Manager
  2. Be in dialogue with major donors, monthly donors and long-time donors as key stakeholders
  3. Supervise acknowledgment letters and authentic appreciation (with help from the board)
  4. Follow up with LYBUNT (Last Year But Not This Year) donors and organize board members to contact donors and do other fundraising tasks
  5. Supervise search for funding sources, write proposals or supervise grant-writing consultants, and write reports to foundations
  6. Plan and oversee annual winter appeal and other appeals

Supervision and Program Oversight:

  1. Hire and Supervise staff, including Office Manager, in future possibly Communications Director, Program Director and any Program Coordinator(s) hired for particular program areas (e.g. First-Gen Summit coordinator; Cross-Class Dialogues coordinator; Staffing the Mission coordinator)
  2. Hold weekly Team meetings
  3. Meet with Office Manager weekly
  4. Initiate and maintain 360 degree review process for and with staff.
  5. Hire interns as needed, share in supervision of them with other staff
  6. Check weekly timesheets

Communications and Thought Leadership:

  1. Create communications strategy with Comm Consultant and input from board
  2. Oversee Communications Consultant’s activities to carry out strategy
  3. Oversee production of newsletters and email blasts about events
  4. Write occasional thought-pieces in public arena
  5. Participate in public podcasts, interviews, Class Action events, speaking engagements, media interviews, etc., promoting anti-classist and class/race perspectives


  1. Work with Board Chair to plan board meetings
  2. Work with board on strategic planning process
  3. Work with Board Committees: Fundraising/Finance and Program
  4. Work with board on annual ED review and ED professional development or coaching support

Class Action is an affirmative action employer committed to providing opportunities to historically marginalized groups. People of color, working-class and poor people, immigrants, LGBTQ people encouraged to apply.

Class Action’s Vision

A world without classism

•Meets everyone’s basic needs;
•Treats people from every background, race, class status and rank with dignity and respect;
•Supports the development of all people to their full potential;
•Reduces the vast differences in income, wealth and access to resource
•Ensures everyone has a voice in the decisions that affect them.

Class Action’s Core Frameworks

This is where we are coming from – what we do will not be in contradiction to these basic values/beliefs:

  1. People of all classes and class backgrounds can be allies and leaders towards ending classism. All classes have strengths and we need all classes to work together to bring lasting change.
  2. People from all classes can take responsibility to move towards ending patterns of internalized classism in themselves.
  3. Identities are complex and varied. All aspects of a person’s identity matter and they intersect to influence individuals experiences. Class Action does not support a hierarchy of oppression and we do not believe one form of oppression is more important than any other form of oppression.  Any individual may frame the world from their own ranked order of experiences. What we do is focus on the world through a classism lens.
  4. We aim to explore classism with curiosity and compassion, not with blame.
  5. Exploring class is an intellectual, emotional and creative journey. We seek to make space for all elements.
  6. We understand class to be multi-dimensional, including income, wealth, status, social capital, cultural capital, and the power to make decisions and allocate resources
  7. We understand that class operates personally, culturally, institutionally; consciousness affects conditions and conditions affect consciousness.