Class Lives

A new class anthology from Class Action

Class Lives : Stories from across Our Economic Divide

Edited by Chuck Collins, Jennifer Ladd, Maynard Seider, and Felice Yeskel

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Read excerpts here from all 40 moving stories, in these 6 sections:                                       1. Poor and Low Income; 2. Working Class; 3. Working Class and College; 4. Middle Class; 5. Owning Class; 6. Mixed Class

“Among the many things that shape our movements, the class identities of principal players are among the least examined. In this insightful book, dozens of authors share heartfelt stories of their struggles with and consciousness around class. Class Lives takes class from a social taboo and brings it to life.”

Rinku Sen, President of Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation and publisher of Colorlines

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“Class Lives addresses the forbidden subject on the U.S. landscape: class.But it does so through the narratives of a spectrum of writers who examine―indeed, interrogate―their own experiences in order to make sense of their backgrounds, their challenges, their successes, and their world views. This deeply personal collection takes issues of class and class struggle off the shelf of both academia and social struggle and situates them in the context of living the real contradictions of the real USA. I was drawn into this volume from the very opening pages.”

Bill Fletcher, Jr., author of “They’re Bankrupting Us”―and Twenty Other Myths about Unions

“Too often, ‘class’ is viewed as a concept without meaning or impact.  Class Lives demonstrates through powerful stories how we are all impacted by the challenges (for the poor) and opportunities (for the rich) imposed on us by class. Pushing against class barriers is critical for those who care about justice and fairness. This book will help us all.”

Kim Bobo, former Executive Director, Interfaith Worker Justice

“The stories in Class Lives all engage the reader at a directly personal level that both stimulates and guides self-reflection on the role of class and the awareness of class in one’s own life. The overall class framework―poor, working class, middle class, and owning class―is intuitively compelling in itself, and the individual essays bring that framework to life in a way that is even more compelling and memorable.”

Jack Metzgar, Roosevelt University, author of Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered