Class Lives Contributors

Michaelann Bewsee – Springfield, MA  Here’s How to Drive the Poor Crazy
Jim Bonilla – Saint Peter MN A Nuyorican’s Journey: Toward Meritocracy or Internalized Classism 
Mariah Boone – Corpus Christi, TX Girl Scout Green
Sarah Burgess – Philadelphia, PA I Learned I Was Wealthy From the Black Women Who Took Care of My Grandparents
N. Jeanne Burns – Minneapolis, MN Artichokes
Pam Burrows – Minneapolis, MN Childhood Friendship: When Class Didn’t Matter 
Janet Casey – Saratoga Springs, NY A Box From My Grandfather
Chuck Collins – Jamaica Plain, MA Born on Third Base
Monica Crumback – Grand Rapids, MI Finding Myself in the Middle
Anne Ellinger – Arlington, MA A Privileged Path in a Class Shattered World
Karen Estrella – Belmont, MA The Floors of the Met 
Sierra Fleenor – Denver, CO Vacuum Cleaner Truth
Jacques Fleury – Cambridge, MA Living Beyond Class: From Haiti to Harvard
Sally Gottesman – New York, NY Social Capital
Zoe Greenberg – Oakland, CA Ferragamos: A Cross-Class Experience
Kyle Harris – Denver, CO Class is Always with Us
Tim Harris – Seattle, WA Washroom Class Politics
Camisha Jones – Washington, DC Between Scarcity and Plenty
Stephanie Jones – Athens, GA What They Say About Poor Girls
Jennifer Ladd – Northampton, MA What Was It Like Growing Up Owning Class
Dwight Lang – Ann Arbor, MI Those of Us From Rio Lindo
Fisher Lavell – Beausejour, Manitoba North American Peasant
Betsy Leondar-Wright – Arlington, MA It’s Who You Know and How You Talk
Jan Lightfoot-Lane – Colorado Springs, CO I Work With Worn Out Tools
Jennifer O’Connor Duffy – Shrewsbury, MA Blue-Collar Heart, Ivy League World
Catherine Orland – Berkeley, CA Money Was Never a Worry
Christine Overall – Kingston, Ontario My Parents Hands Are On My Back
Patience Rage – Philadelphia, PA Better Than
Charlotte Redway – Portland, OR A Day of Traveling Across the Class Spectrum
Geneva Reynaga-Abiko – San Luis Obispo, CA Mexican Girl from Fontana
John Rosario-Perez – Cambridge, MA The Cost of Passing
April Rosenblum – Philadelphia, PA Mixed Class Confusion
Karen Spector – Tuscaloosa, AL Red Datsun Security
Linda Stout – Black Mountain, NC Cleaning Up the Trash: Fighting Shame
Kristi Stricker – Chicago, IL Hitting the Academic Class Ceiling
Michelle Tokarczyk – New York, NY I Am Working Class
Polly Trout – Seattle, WA Better Be Street: My Adventures in Cross-Class Romance
John Vaughn – New York, NY Oreo? A Black American Experience