A classist comment from a feminist publisher

fisherI wrote a paper on the classism I experienced as a poverty-class single mother in the feminist movement, and it was selected for inclusion in a prestigious anthology.

When I asked the editor about payment for my chapter, she said that all proceeds from book sales would be contributed to a charity. “None of our writers really need the money that bad,” she told me.



Fisher and Betsy Leondar-Wright will co-facilitate Class Action’s flagship “Exploring Class” workshop at the Working-Class Studies Association conference, Fighting Forward in Madison WI on June 15.

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  1. CP

    Garr! I have to do some of those for the publishing credit to draw the attention of a paying journal or anthology sometimes. But thankfully I’ve never had an editor say such a thing. I would have been furious. When we get paid peanuts, every peanut counts. Why don’t upper classers get that? Who do we help them comprehend this?

  2. GL Clib

    but does “feminist movement”, and ‘prestigious anthology’ imply any sort of monetary or capitalist transaction? and in fact couldnt this transaction have been a sort of scam on the part of those publishing? Doesn’t it have some notion in part of being ‘a thing’ ppl engage in as rhetoric or theory? It would seem that is exactly where the confluence of the harshness of ‘working-class’ (read – modern employed poverty) reality meets a more measured social engagement by those who choose to strive in the fields of feminism,prestige, and anthologies? And, it would seem, the ‘working-class’ tend to come away from it for the worse, as Fisher seems to have done.

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