Exploring Race and Class

Date(s) - 12/09/2016
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

F.A.M.E. Community Center, Auditorium

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The development of the class structure in the United States has been, from the beginning, interwoven
with the development of white supremacy”. — Tim Wise

This workshop, co-sponsored by Class Action and Real Change, explores the critical link between class and race in the United States. It starts by examining the historical basis for classism and racism and then invites people to examine how race and class impacts our individual life experiences and the organizations where we work. The workshop is interactive and experiential and participants should be prepared to examine and talk about the origins of their own class backgrounds and racial identities.

Workshop Goals: The general goals of the workshop are three-fold:

  1. Develop common language around class and race
  2. Understand how class and race play out at structural, organizational and individual levels
  3. Explore steps we can take towards greater class and race equity

Workshop Assumptions: The workshop is grounded in several core assumptions that are not up for
debate. It is essential that all participants accept them, at least for the duration of the workshop.

  • Class and race are intertwined and reinforce one another – neither is primary.
  • Although we acknowledge that many people experience oppression on other aspects of their identity, the focus of this workshop is on class and race.
  • Classism and racism are seen as systems of oppression, not individual acts of prejudice or bias.
  • Peoples’ class and race backgrounds are formative in shaping their assumptions and attitudes.
  • We all absorb conditioning of classism/racism and internalize feelings of superiority or inferiority
  • Whenever those us who benefit from oppression do not actively resist, we are complicit.
  • Undoing classism and racism requires honest reflection, dialogue and discomfort.

Facilitators: Most local workshops are co-facilitated by Alan Preston and Anita Garcia Morales, Senior Trainers with Class Action. Alan is the Managing Director of the Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project and Anita recently retired from Seattle Public Schools as an Equity & Race Relations Specialist. They make for a highly diverse leadership team: Anita was raised in the fields in a migrant farm worker family while Alan grew up in New York City with all the advantages of race, class and gender. Contact information: Alan Preston or Anita Garcia Morales.

Workshop Fees: The cost for public workshops ranges from $25 – $150 per person, based on ability to

Customized Programs: In addition to our semi-annual public workshops, we offer customized training to
organizations wanting to explore how racism and classism impact their workplaces. If you are interested in a customized workshop with your organization, please email us.

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This event is at capacity.