Exploring Class in NH Sponsor: Investing in Communities Initiative


The Investing in Communities Initiative is dedicated to strengthening the skills, knowledge, and core advocacy capacities of the nonprofit advocacy field in support of public policies that foster health, wellness, and improved economic and social conditions for all New Hampshire residents.

The Investing in Communities Initiative (ICI) is a multi-year project created to support increased advocacy capacity and leadership skill building, and sustained coordination and collaboration among organizations advocating on behalf of low-income and vulnerable residents of New Hampshire. We work to leverage resources and best practices across advocacy organizations that are working to improve the lives of low income and vulnerable people in New Hampshire — to help build a field that is stronger together.

For further information, please contact Melissa Bernardin, director, at (603) 856-7369 or Mbernardin@ici-nh.org.  Or contact Janet Groat, program coordinator, at 603-715-1493 or JGroat@ici-nh.org.