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We’ll send you a free ‘classist comments’ booklet if you or your library buys Class Action materials


Does your local library have all Class Action’s books, booklets & the Enough DVD? Do you?

Last summer a lively conversation broke out among Class Action’s interns about the worst classist comments they’d heard at their colleges. Three of them pulled together a little illustrated booklet, Clueless on Campus,  with 10 of the most eye-opening true-life comments, including this one:







We will send you this irresistible little conversation-starter FREE if we get a book &/or DVD order from you or from your library by April 30.

You and your library can order at our online store — or send a check made out to Class Action to 30 Germania St, Building L, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

  • Have you seen the Enough DVD, created by a 13-year-old girl curious about poverty and how much is enough?
  • Have you used the Cross-Class Dialogue Manual or the Enough curriculum to start conversations on class?
  • Have you read Class Matters and The Color of Wealth?

If you put in a request to your library to order our materials, you’ll help Class Action grow and you’ll bring inspiring messages about cross-class dialogue and economic justice to your community.

Email to let us know that your library said yes and to tell us where to send Clueless on Campus – whether to yourself or to your favorite college student.

Whenever I see the piles of inspiring Class Action materials stacked on our inventory shelves, I think about how many lives they could touch if they got up off the shelf. I hope to hear from you that you’re going to get them flying out into the community.

Betsy Leondar-Wright, Project Director



Enough DVD $7.50         Enough DVD & curriculum $23


Cross-class manual $12.95        Class Matters $21.95





Color of Wealth $22.95





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