First Generation College Students Survey

Class Action is conducting a survey of prospective, current, and previous first generation college students in order to develop a program that supports these students in college. Please help out by taking a few minutes to complete the survey!

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  1. Both my husband and I were lower class students. The campus at Michigan was organized to support and integrate us into the college communitY via an “in loco parentis” system. It worked beautifully despite the existen ce of a large sorority/fraternity system. We had an “Independent” system that successfully provided an alternative. Despite the size: 16,000 students. The move away from that tight organization has produced the isolating character of many (most?) institutions as I have seenxperiences.of my students and of my sons who went to Rutgers in the 1990’s.
    I went to college in 1949-53 and felt supported and privileged all that time. As we were. The deterioration came during the 1970’s and the emergence of the managerial university.

  2. Lena Rothman
    Lena Rothman

    It wasn’t clear that you want presently attending students, because my survey came back as not finished. Also, I would like to see the Working Class category have more options as far as upper, middle and lower. My immediate family was poverty class but when my father had work i think we might have qualified for lower working class. We weren’t on Home Relief, I think that’s what it was called then, but oftentimes there were fights about paying the rent and another eviction notice or buying food. BTW, I loved college and hated all prior mis-education.

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