Praise for Missing Class

Matthew Rothschild
(Senior Editor, The Progressive Magazine)


“Betsy Leondar-Wright’s book is crucially important for social justice activists. She offers much-needed advice about how to acknowledge your class background and harness it for the greater good. Eye-opening and insightful, this book provides a new way forward.”



Bill McKibben (author, founder of



“Organizing for change is hard work, but it gets easier when there’s honest talk about difference and solidarity. I think this groundbreaking book will likely start some transformative conversations!”



James M. Jasper (sociologist, CUNY Graduate Center)

“Leondar-Wright brings fancy French theory down to earth in this important study of why class cultures talk past each other. Anyone who has sat through the jargon of a professional consultant or read obscure tracts by activist-scholars and said, ‘Huh?’ will enjoy this book. Take it to the next meeting you go to.”

Paul Kivel (author of “Uprooting Racism” and “You Call This a Democracy?”)

“Missing Class is an essential primer for building cross-class relationships for social justice. It contains keen insight and practical suggestions for activists and organizers on how to bridge class differences and to tap the resources within all class cultures for solutions to group challenges.”