Class Action works directly with individuals, community groups, organizations and institutions to address class issues, as well as the intersection of class and race. Our trainers facilitate workshops and trainings in a variety of contexts:

  • Non-profit and social change organizations: both staff and constituents
  • K-12 schools: public and independent
  • Mental health, counseling, and social work personnel
  • Medical professionals
  • Higher Education: faculty, staff, and students
  • For-profit businesses
  • Foundations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Open workshops for individuals in communities around the country

Class Action trainings and workshops allow individuals to learn about the impact of class and classism on their individual lives, communities, workplaces, and organizing efforts. Organizations and institutions will address class issues that undermine their ability to serve their constituents and fulfill their missions. Each training culminates with individuals and groups identifying resources and brainstorming strategies for change in their specific context.

Our skilled, dynamic trainers are also available for keynote presentations, as well as panels and customized presentations at conferences.