Race Class

Getting to the roots of it all!

The Race/Class Intersections Program aims to create new understandings of the intersections between race and class, and provide strategies to help people of color respond to classism within and beyond their communities.

Anita and Tara were amazing! The AmeriCorps members on our team benefited immensely from the training with Class Action. The training provided a meaningful connection between how classism and racism are complicit in keeping people poor. –Simone Marrion, Project Director

The program explores the unique ways that classism is experienced and is designed to better serve communities of color in their quest for justice by addressing concepts of classism in a framework that takes racism fully into account. Our programs and events also build bridges between low-income white communities and communities of color that jointly acknowledge the power of classism and racism.

We achieve this through:

  • Building relationships with organizers and other leaders in communities of color, low-income communities, higher education, and social change organizations to help bridge differences
  • Conducting workshops and trainings on race and class
  • Hosting events and dialogues with a focus on class
  • Presenting to groups and organizations
  • Providing training and technical assistance to people of color and low-income people doing educational work on classism
  • Collaborating with other social change organizations with similar goals
  • Promoting resources on race/class intersections