The Staffing the Mission Project

Fair Pay Practices for Mission-Driven Work

What can be done about low-paid, low-quality jobs at non-profit organizations?

Class Action’s newest publication, Staffing the Mission, spotlights the downsides of many nonprofit jobs, and offers practical advice to funders and nonprofit managers to improve job quality.

The Staffing the Mission project helps nonprofits express their values through their compensation and personnel policies. We work with foundations to promote practices among grantees that are aligned with the vision of the world that funders aim to create.

Class Action hopes to inspire a wave of foundations and donors committed to supporting their grantees to meet a set of benchmarks on wages, benefits, hours, decision-making input and working conditions.

Better pay and benefits are major pieces in the larger puzzle of increasing class and racial diversity in the nonprofit sector and reducing wage gaps in the US.



Do you work for, manage or fund a nonprofit organization? What are your thoughts on improving job quality? We'd like to hear from you! Connect with us by taking this online survey.

Staffing the Mission works for change on two fronts, giving both nonprofits and funders concrete ways to make life better for nonprofit employees.