Staffing the Mission

Many mission-driven non-profits strive to become more inclusive workplaces through interventions in hiring, training and organizational culture. But these efforts can fall flat when compensation isn’t part of the conversation.

Fair pay practices for mission-driven work


It’s time to ask different questions:

  • What do our pay scales say about how we value different kinds of work and workers?
  • How do compensation systems unintentionally reinforce inequality by race, gender, and class?
  • How do excessive inequities in wages and other compensation impact employee morale, burnout and retention?
  • What ways have organizations with limited budgets found to provide decent jobs?
  • How can foundations and other donors support their grantees to improve employees’

Staffing the Mission brings together nonprofit employees, diversity and equity activists, foundation staff, HR professionals and more to identify, document and promote practical strategies that mission-driven organizations can adopt to better live our missions.

Another way is possible!

Some examples of the innovative practices we will spotlight:

  • A resource-constrained nonprofit made its jobs accessible to employees from working class backgrounds through relatively low-cost measures: subsidizing child care, flexible work schedules, student loan assistance, and paying a regionally-adjusted living wage.
  • Staff and board of one nonprofit collaboratively developed new salary ranges that were more equitable than prevailing wage benchmarks and felt fair to everyone.

Check out these articles from the Chronicle of Philanthropy about inequity in the sector:

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