Reader Feedback on Classism Exposed

More than 100 people responded to the summer 2017 Classism Exposed 5-Minute Survey. The responses were as diverse as the people who responded, as evidenced by the demographic information collected.

However, there were clear preferences for the length of blog posts, blog topics and for how often readers want to receive the Classism Exposed blog eBlast.

It is important to note, as you read the survey results, that the 100 respondents are a small microcosm of the more than 6,000 subscribers who receive the blog monthly or semimonthly.

There is still time to give us your opinions on Classism Exposed. Please take the survey.”

Classism Exposed Topics

We asked readers about topics ranging from class privilege (including the invisibility of people with less class advantage) to class and classism in close relationships and from class in popular culture to structural classism and racism. We also asked readers about their interest in the role that class plays in policy development in areas such as education, government and philanthropy.

For each of the 15 topic areas listed, more than half of the survey respondents expressed interest in reading more posts about them. Respondents were especially enthusiastic about seven topics, ranking them at 75% or higher.

  1. Class and race, 89%
  2. Structural classism, 85%
  3. Class, classism and politics, 85%
  4. Class privilege, 83%
  5. Class in social movements, 83%
  6. Invisibility of working-class and low-income people, 82%
  7. Class in popular culture, 80%

Always engaged and informed, Classism Exposed readers taking the survey also suggested that the blog tackle issues such as class and gender, class and sexual orientation, class and classism in the workplace, class and physical and mental health, and how friendships change over time as a result of social class changes.


Classism Exposed survey results on post lengthFrequency, Length and Engagement

Survey respondents told Class Action that they would like to receive the Classism Exposed blog eBlasts with regularity. Once or twice a month was the preference of most readers. More than half also told us that they read or skim every or most of the posts sent in our eBlasts. And while most readers expressed a preference for mid-length posts of 500 to 750 words, they were open to any length and more concerned with content.

Reader Demographics

Classism Exposed readers work in or are retired (15%) from a plethora of fields, with the majority working in education and nonprofits, 26.5% and 22.4% respectively. We have readers working in aerospace (1%), business (5%), the gig economy (1%), religion (3%); and more than 6% identify as un- or underemployed.

Classism Exposed reader survey results on political viewsPolitically, respondents consider themselves very progressive or liberal. There are, however, conservatives, libertarians, anarcho-socialist and other political views held by Classism Exposed readers, including one respondent who considered themselves “mostly alienated.”

Our readership skews just a bit older than the average age of a blog reader (41) with most Classism Exposed survey respondents identifying as 45 to 64 years of age. We are concerned that so few of our readers – at least those responding to the survey – are people of color. We intend to address this and the age range in the coming months with targeted outreach initiatives.

Thank You

We thank everyone who made their opinions known. We will use this information to further improve this national resource on social class and classism. Thanks for helping Class Action expose classism in the United States and, increasingly, in the world.

Please take the survey.


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